Mini keg 5l grey + rubber plug

Very useful pressure kegs as used by commercial breweries. Add max. 3 g/l sugar for second fermentation. With special re-usable rubber plug. Needs a tap 058.030.4 or 058.031.2, see links below.

2nd fermentation in kegs Most home brewers will want to do a 2nd fermentation in the keg to obtain natural carbonation just like in bottled beer. The method is the same as for bottles: preferably dissolve the sugar in a small quantity of water or beer, pour it into the keg and transfer the beer in such a way that everything is mixed well. Place the keg upright for several days at ambient temperature so that the 2nd fermentation can take place. Then put it in a cool place for clearing and maturing. A discarded but still working refrigerator is ideal, this allows you to pour your beer at the correct temperature. When the beer has completely cleared, tapping can start.


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