Brew kettle Braumeister 50 litre model 2015


New model Speidel Braumeister 2015.

The Braumeister is an all-in-one, stainless steel, automatic brewing kettle. Brew your own grain beer with this solid and easy to use brewing system. If you want to brew quality beer but you don’t have the space or you just don’t want the fuss of different tubes and vessels… the Braumeister is the ideal solution! Mashing, filtering and cooking in one and the same kettle.

This new model includes a very clear control unit with a larger screen making the whole program visible at a glance. The touch screen with illuminated buttons gives the Braumeister a contemporary look. Programmable to up to ten recipes, including two pre-programmed default recipes; a recipe can contain up to five steps and three hop additions (before the end of the boil).

Even without any brewing experience, with this simple device you can make a perfect wort as a base for fermenting, in only five hours’ time. Just plug it in and start brewing. The various temperatures are digitally controlled by RIMS (Recirculating Infusion Mash System). You can program the entire mashing process with the control unit.


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