Château Distilling 7-10 EBC

Two row spring malting barley is selected for the production of our Château Distilling malt. Barley is steeped to 44 – 46% moisture, slightly higher than normally required for Pilsen lager style malts. Germination temperatures are controlled between 12°C – 16°C for a period of five days. Kiln cycles start at 50° – 60°C rising to 70° – 75°C.
This is a premium Distilling malt produced especially for the distilling industry. It is used for the production of quality grain whisky. Château Distilling malt promotes high fermentability, adequate enzyme potential and soluble nitrogen (protein) levels. Our Château Distilling malt is gently kilned to preserve enzymes and maximise fermentability

Set your desired quantity (0.01 kg accuracy), the price per kg will be calculated according to the following table:

quantity price per kg
0,1 – 4,90 kg  €         1,50
5 – 24,90 kg  €         1,25
25 – 99,90kg  €         0,96
100 – … kg  €         0,90

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