Crisp No.19 Maris Otter® Malt (Floor Malted)

Crisp Malting Group has a long and proud tradition of producing the highest quality floor malt which continues to this day with malt still being produced in our No.19 floor malting at Gt Ryburgh. We produce small batch, handcrafted malt using techniques which date back to when the malting floors were built in the 1870’s. Our floor malting is one of only a handful still operating within the UK and the malt it produces is highly prized by brewers worldwide. Floor malted Maris Otter® remains the quintessential ale brewing malt.
The variety Maris Otter® was bred and developed in the 1960’s by Dr GDH Bell at the Plant Breeding Institute in Cambridge by crossing the varieties Proctor and Pioneer and has become one of the most enduring malting varieties in the history of modern barley cultivation. Maris Otter® has been grown for malting for more than 45 years and its pedigree and track record of delivering, year after year, consistent, processable and flavoursome malt is unsurpassed. Crisp Malting Maris Otter® is grown under contact by selected Norfolk farmers and is recognised worldwide as the benchmark barley for the best ale malt. In malting, as with brewing, the importance and the quality of raw materials cannot be underestimated. The reliability of Maris Otter® malt quality has allowed brewers to develop, stabilise and maintain many of the world famous English cask conditioned ale brands we know today.
Colour: 5.5-7.5 EBC
Moisture: 3.5% min

Set your desired quantity (0.01 kg accuracy), the price per kg will be calculated according to the following table:

quantity price per kg
0,1 – 4,90 kg  €         2,00
5 – 24,90 kg  €         1,68
25 – 99,90kg  €         1.49
100 – … kg  €         1,34



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