Fermentis SafSour™ Lp-652, 100g

SafSourTM LP 652 has been specifically selected by Fermentis for its capabilities to provide tropical, citrus and fruity notes when use in kettle souring. Giving a nice freshness to the beer, SafSourTM LP 652 is a homofermentative lactic acid bacteria.
Ideal for kettle sour beer recipes.

Ingredients: Lactobacillus plantarum Lp652; Maltodextrin as a carrier


An optimum dosing rate of 10 g/hL provides a lactic fermentation within 24h – 36h.


It is recommended to pitch directly into the non-hopped wort at the temperature of 37°C.

  • SafSour™ LP 652 acidifies non-hopped wort within 24h – 36h at a temperature range of 37°C (+/- 3°C).
  • SafSour™ LP 652 as homofermentative lactic bacteria produces mainly lactic acid and a low amount of acetic acid.
  • SafSour™ LP 652 presents a low tolerance towards iso alpha acids (half of the SafSour™ LP652 growth’s is inhibited, IC50 of 5 ppm).
  • SafSour™ LP 652 reaches a final pH of 3,2 – 3,6.
  • SafSour™ LP 652 releases tropical, citrus and fruity notes with a freshness sensation
  • SafSour-LP652

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