Grainfather G30 Hop Plate

Upgrade the Grainfather G30 Brewing System with the G30 Hop Plate, a purpose-built false bottom style hop plate filter for use with all G30 Brewing Systems. Install alongside the system’s current filter for increased efficiency in hop filtration.

How to Use:
1. Install the G30 Filter (this is the hop filter included with the G30) as per the instructions included with the G30 Brewing System.
2. Install the G30 Hop Plate by placing the plate feet down into the boiler over the top of the G30 filter, so the feet of the hop plate rest flat on the base of the boiler.

– Sleek, high-quality 304 grade stainless steel construction
– Easy to clean
– Full body false bottom style filter for even better hop filtration
– Designed specifically for use with the G30 Brewing System

Note: Some users may experience a slight reduction in boil vigour and a slight increase in heating time.

Caution: Post-boil hop matter will retain heat. Always use thermally insulated gloves when removing the hop plate post boil.


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