The Grainfather G70 is the new and significantly larger version of the popular Grainfather Connect brewing system.

The new Smart Controller automatically manages both the pump and the heating. It has many smart features, including automatic step mashing, recipe management. It can also be controlled via your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) via WiFi.

With the Grainfather, you mash, lauter and boil in the same vessel. The wort is heated and pumped according to the RIMS method for the desired mash schedule (enter times and temperatures directly on the controller display or in the mobile app).

The malt is placed in a grain basket that is lifted for draining after the mashing is complete. Note. The filled grain basket can weigh up to 60 kg – this is a 2 person lift without a winch!

The included counter flow wort chiller effectively cools down the wort as it is pumped into the fermentation vessel.

The heating elements has stepless power control. The Smart Controller automatically determines how much power to use. Low power to keep a stable temperature during mashing steps and up to 3.2 kW to quickly rise in temperature and to get a vigorous boil.

The brewing system consists of:
Stainless steel brewing kettle with built-in heating elements
Grain basket and hop filter
Counter flow wort chiller with hoses and fittings
Magnetic drive pump
Grainfather Smart Controller controller

Improvements over the Grainfather Connect include:
Tapered bottom with false bottom for efficient hop filtering
The circulation pipe is integrated, making it easy to open the lid during the mashing without the risk of getting wort on the floor
Tap at the bottom for easier emptying and cleaning
Sight glass for easy reading of the volume
Rounded corners on the grain basket filter – no loose silicone gaskets are needed
Lifting handles on the sides and on the lid
Much larger wort chiller (the cooling is as fast as on the Grainfather Connect, despite being twice the volume)
The WiFi connection is much more stable than Bluetooth

Batch size: 70 l (before boil)
Recommended maximum grain bill: 17 kg
Heating power: 3.2kW (16A fuse needed)
Warranty: 3 years
Material: Stainless steel


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