Smoker box with a pump


The smoker box is an excellent solution for any kind of a smokehouse. It is made of stainless steel 304 and uses wood chips as the source of smoke. It enables cold smoking in traditional smokehouses and hot smoking in smokehouses that feature an additional heat source. The device does not require constant supplementation of wood chips during the burning process. A full charge (400 g) is sufficient for several hours of smoking thanks to application of a pump with power of 4W and efficiency of 2×4.5 L, included in the set. Decreasing or increasing pump efficiency enables adjusting the amount of smoke generated by the smoker box.
The set includes: pine wood lid, smoker box made of stainless steel 304, 4W pump, 2 x Φ5/4mm hoses with length of 210mm, T-pipe, Φ5/4mm hose with length of 820mm, adapter, Φ8/5mm hose with length of 100mm, 8 x stainless M8 washers, 4 x stainless M8x40 bolts, 4 x stainless M8 nuts.


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