Tanker Cloud Computing White IPA 30l Key Keg

White IPA


Estonia is a leader of e-government and technology. Jaanis has spent 15 years deploying wireless technology that has enabled and shaped our modern society. Limitless connectivity helps to shrink our world and unite people by giving access to ideas to the entire world. We at Tanker see our beers as doing the same. Bringing people together to share ideas and our artistic interpretation of life. Tanker Cloud Computing is a modern take on a classical wheat beer style. Soft and pale color with a fluffy white head that resembles clouds on a long Estonian summer day. Fresh and citrusy new world hops give it a modern and fresh flavor that is very refreshing. Cloud Computing is our refreshing white IPA that is available year round.

“Full Moon”

IBU: 45
ABV: 5,6%


Contains: Water, barley malt, wheat malt, hops, yeast.


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