Tanker Craft FM Pale Ale 30l Key Keg

Pale Ale

Imagine the whole world beer selection as a FM broadcast band. Some frequencies just give you noise and can harm your hearing. Some provide the best signal-to-noise ratio. We made your frequency tuning a bit easier by creating the number one craft beer station to start with. Tune your mind to craft beer by starting from the very first channel. This will make your life easier when choosing another craft beer later.

Craft FM is an easy drinking 3.5% ABV beer with a refreshing citrus and grapefruit flavor. It’s perfect for relaxing and enjoying some tunes or hanging with friends.




Sound Check Pale Ale is a simple and uncompromised table beer that fits good for thirsty throat or just for mood-lifting. Tune Your Minds, Beerbrother!
# Hops: Green Bullet, Pacific Gem, Pacific Jade, Pacifica

IBU: 30
ABV: 5%


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